Kind words

Testimonials from previous and current students

"Michelle is such a warm and friendly teacher, I felt at ease with her right away. Her anatomical knowledge is great and I love the way she explains what is happening in the body and the benefits. I always feel confident to try new things and the way she tailored our sessions to help with my running has been so helpful" - Jenni

"To help prevent injuries and increase flexibility when I box, I worked 1:1 with Michelle as a total beginner. Michelle identified a lack of range of movement in my back and tightness in my hip. I couldn't be more happy with the results, in not only my flexibility but strength too. Thanks Michelle!" - Toby

"I have never felt so relaxed than after my 1:1 sessions with Michelle. Michelle tailors the sessions to my needs and my ability. Her warm personality put me at ease straight away, I now can feel and see the huge benefits of this more personalised teaching approach to yoga. I also particularly love the little touches she has such as doing a reading, it always lifts my mood and make me feel refreshed" - Guillemette

"Michelle is a great teacher, I love her style: friendly, clear, good pace and considerate of differing abilities. I enjoy yoga to supplement my running and Michelle is great at tailoring the class to suit my preferences when teaching one to one" - Clare

"I took a beginners class with Michelle. I had done some yoga before, so it was great that with every pose there were options to make it more challenging, perfect for a mixed group. I was so relaxed after the savasana, I nearly drifted off to sleep! Ideal for an evening session to decompress after a hectic day at work. I'll definitely be back!" Sophie

“Being part of Michelle’s Pregnancy Yoga class has been so much more than just reaping the physical benefits. After a busy stressful week it gave me a space to focus on nothing else other than me and my pregnancy. It has been a very good way to meet other pregnant mothers living locally and build a supportive community in and outside of pregnancy yoga. One of my favourite parts of each class was having relaxation time at the end where Michelle would take us through a guided meditation that helped reduce my pregnancy related anxiety. Michelle always made time at the end of class for us to chat in a group. A lot of the time over caffeine free tea and delicious biscuits brought in by Michelle. Now my son has arrived I am looking forward to starting post natal yoga” - Cat

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed Michelle’s classes during my pregnancy. Each one left me feeling restored, energised, and more in touch with my new and ever-changing body. Not only were the physical benefits wonderful, but the community Michelle's created has been an invaluable support. At 9 months pregnant, I walked away from her classes (well, waddled really by that stage), feeling fully equipped for the birth ahead of me, and fully supported by a class full of incredible women. Thank you Michelle. I’ll be seeing you in a few weeks at your postnatal classes” - Megan